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Project Description


Parts No.:07433-71102
Parts Name:Komatsu Transmission Pump
Komatsu Vehical:D85A-12, D150A-1, D155A-1, D155S-1



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Category  Gear Pump Series
Material  Aluminum Alloy
  1. More than 30 years of experience on Komatsu gear pump design and research.
  2. Professional specialized in hydraulic pump components for construction Vehicles.
  1. Shaft sleeves are imported from DAIDO Japan.
  2. Oil sealing is made by NOK Japan.
Guarantee 12 Months.
Sample Order 1 Pieces
Delivery Time 3~20 Working Days
Packing Carton box inside, wood box outside.
  1.  For stock, and quantity is less than 5 pieces, Express delivery method.
  2.  For manufacturing products, quantity is more than 5 pieces, cargo forwarder delivery method.
  3.  Any Client’s guessgestions, Be considered firstly.
Hydraulic Oil First
  1.  Please Refill clear HYD Oil into the pump before installing. The clear hydraulic oil must be necessary.
  2.  Bad ones will damage the pump and affect working efficiency when the old pump and new pump work together.