Komatsu Bulldozer Pumps

We can supply Komatsu Bulldozer Pump for following machines: Bulldozers Komatsu: D155A-3 S/N 60001-UP (d155a-3c), D155A-5 S/N 65001-UP (Extreme Cold Terrain) (d155a-4c), D155AX-3 S/N 60001-UP (d155ax-r), D155AX-5 S/N 70001-UP (d155ax1r), D155AX-6 S/N 80001-81027 (ecot3) (d155ax3c), D275A-2 S/N 10001-UP (d275a-2r), D275A-5 S/N 25001-UP (d275a-5c), D275A-5R S/N 35001-35020 (W/O EGR) (d275a-4c), D275AX-5 S/N 20001-UP (d275ax-c), D275AX-5E0 S/N [...]

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Hi, Every one, This day, we have added one OEM pump on our webs, please try to click the following address for checking. 07441-67503 If you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to let us know. This Pump is made of Iron Casting, according to Komatsu Pump Teleology for designing and producing. This [...]

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